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Your official SOLIDWORKS software, training and support provider for the Upper Midwest.
Jason Reese, Detailing Manager at Veritas Steel
“We switched our Maintenance/SOLIDWORKS Support over to Symmetry Solutions and we are soooo glad we did!

Matt Lovgren has been great with understanding our needs and helping us get what we need. Also, he and Tim Newton came to our facility to get a better feel for our wants from the software. Both of these guys are so easy to work with. If you are struggling with your current support or just looking to buy SOLIDWORKS, you should give Symmetry Solutions a shot. You won't be disappointed.”
Chris M, Owner at Acucraft Fireplaces
“We selected Symmetry Solutions as our Solidworks supplier over 3 years ago. After working with many different firms and software types, Symmetry has become a very important partner within our business. Anna Molitor, spent time in the beginning learning our business needs today and most importantly identified our future needs. She works with so many different companies - she is able to share best practice guidance. All her projections have come true and we have benefited greatly from listening.

The tech/ support and training team at Symmetry are second to none. We have incorporated there techniques in our business for serving our clients better.

Symmetry has been and will be a long term partner with Acucraft Fireplaces. In this world, we are only as good as the suppliers/partners we select.”
Christopher Ludlow, Product & Tooling Design at H-S Precision
“Symmetry Solutions has provided us with SOLIDWORKS and PDM which are the perfect match for design engineering. Their tech support team is highly skilled, always friendly and eager to help.”
Marc McCauley, CEO at CAD, Inc.
“We have been using Symmetry Solutions products and services for about 9 years now and couldn't be happier. We currently have 4 seats of SOLIDWORKS. The training we had there was top notch and we left with a real understanding of how to use SOLIDWORKS and the confidence that we needed to jump right in and start designing parts and large assemblies. The Sales and Tech Support teams have been outstanding too. If we ever have any questions, they are there and happy to help us resolve them immediately. We have referred many companies to Symmetry Solutions and will continue to do so.”
Mike Libbey, Packaging Engineer at FoamCraft Packaging
“I have had the pleasure of working with Symmetry for 14 years. Specifically, their Tech Support is unbeatable. Depending on the severity of the problem, I have always felt that the resolution has always been appropriate and implemented in a very timely manor. Specifically, earlier this year, I had a problem that had me dead in the water (so as to speak) – not able to use CAD at all.

Result of working, with several of your folks – I was using CAD again in under (1.5) hours. We all know that any downtime is bad and costly. When you have support that responds appropriately, as Symmetry does – it’s all good.”
Tom Ellsworth, Vice President at Kuryakyn
“Our friends at Symmetry Solutions have been very strong supporters of our design team and our R+D efforts. Our designers have a direct line to the team at Symmetry. The response and solutions are always positive.”
Your official SOLIDWORKS training provider for the Upper Midwest.
Flordeliz Navoa, Designer at Hormel Foods Corp
“Excellent SOLIDWORKS training course! Well presented. Very accommodating and patient instructor. Very kind staff and very supportive as well.”
Jake Serres, Drafter at Process Displays
“I have taken classes in college and use SOLIDWORKS every day. I still learned things/tricks that will increase my productivity at work.
(SOLIDWORKS Essentials)”
Chris Anton, Consultant
“[Instructor] is an excellent instructor! Deeply knowledgeable on the subject (w/ industry experience also.) -confident -efficient -patient -friendly -professional -with the right amount of humor and background industrial information. I leave this class with a much better foundation on "sheet metal" capabilities and able to practice further.”
Steve Niedzielski, Thermal Design Engineer, Minco Products, Inc.
“Good Class. I know why my mold tools cost so much now. Concepts and techniques will help me design better plastic parts. This will help my molding vendors review my parts
faster and result in faster time. Thanks for the great class.”
Chris Anton, Consultant
“[Instructor] was an excellent instructor for the Simulation class. He has obvious technical depth on the material science/engineering side and uses a methodical step by step teaching approach. He is patient, quick to help diagnose student exercise issues and has a fun and easy going style. Thanks!”
Sukanya Varadharajan, St. Jude Medical
“Very satisfied with the thoroughness of the training structure and trainer.”
Jeremy Koetters
“[Instructor] is very knowledgeable about the subjects covered in class and excels at articulating information to ALL knowledge levels. Well done!”
Chad Mack, Pillips Medisize
“I thought the course was an excellent intro to SOLIDWORKS. The level of content and depth covered in two days was pretty amazing given the power of the software package. Without question [Instructor] did a great job with the course and content. He is clearly very knowledgeable of the software and could quickly and clearly address any questions or issues. Great job!”
“[Instructor] does a great job relating the subject matter to real life. She also is very patient with those of us who are a little slower than others.”
Jim Housen, Phillips Medisize
“Good job of tailoring course to class ability and interest. Never made me feel like I was not getting the subject.”
Bill Parker, Mesabi Range College
“I have taught for over 20 years part time. I worked as an engineer for 32 years at U.S. Steel. I don’t impress easily but I am most impressed. Great job!”
Your official SOLIDWORKS online training provider for North America.
Quickly transform new ideas into great products.
Roger Walsberg, Designer at Northshore Manufacturing
“The software is just easier and cleaner to use. Now I can convert a solid part into a sheet metal part, which I was unable to do with our other CAD system, and also run collision detection on my assemblies to make sure I do not have any interferences.”
Brian Miles, Manager of Design and Control Engineering at Remmele Engineering
“After several months of analysis, SOLIDWORKS software came out head-and-shoulders above the rest.”
Edward Oliver, Special Projects Engineer at SECOA
“Other CAD systems can work with an FEA (finite element analysis) package, but only SOLIDWORKS software has a modeler and an FEA package that talk to each other.”
Stern Companies
“SOLIDWORKS makes it very easy for me to create fixtures and cell layouts. Its quick and easy and helps management understand what we need to do to be more efficient and increase productivity.”
Test products in a virtual real-world environment.
Todd Turner, Senior Product Development Engineer at Macro Plastics
“With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, I can identify and resolve potential issues during design, so that when we mold those initial pieces, they are right the first time. It’s an incredible tool that has let us save 30 to 60 percent in capital costs in the development of new products.”
David Schiff, Director of Engineering at Bresslergroup
“With SOLIDWORKS Simulation software, the back-and-forth between industrial design and engineering takes 30 percent less time, which translates into a shorter overall development cycle and faster time-to-market for our clients.”
Create and share complex design documentation.
Christopher Narveson, Design and Engineering Services Manager at Cardiovascular Systems
“The animations that we create with SOLIDWORKS Composer have dramatically improved our operations.”
Andy Friar, Engineer at BAKER Drivetrain
“With SOLIDWORKS Composer, our illustrations are super clear, crisp, and user-friendly, and the software helps us bring products and supporting documentation to market faster.”
Joseph Stefinsky, Engineering Services Manager at Arens Controls
“SOLIDWORKS Composer allows our engineers to capture assembly visuals from any angle they want, resulting in more clarity, better understanding, and less guesswork.”
Find and repurpose files, parts, and drawings.
JL Marine Systems
“We’ve cut the time it takes to complete a design change from three days to five hours,” Patel points out. PDM also enables us to get Purchasing, Production, and Sales more involved in our product life-cycle. Whenever we release to Manufacturing, a notification email goes out to everyone that’s affected. PDM automates this process and all of the approval stages in between.”
Chung-Chee Tai, Dry Products Applications Manager at OYSTAR
“SOLIDWORKS allows us to visualize how our machines will function in 3D. Coupled with providing better management of product data, SOLIDWORKS has enabled us to cut our development time in half.”
Todd Mansfield, Engineering Team Leader at ECCO
“We are constantly challenged to do more with less. SOLIDWORKS PDM is helping us leverage automation and get our work done faster and more cost-effectively.”
Combine electrical schematic functionality with 3D modeling.
Massoud Mollaghaffari, General Manager at PHC Northwest
“We anticipate SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D software will push us to the next level by enabling us to visualize the placement of electrical components in lighting fixtures in parallel to work on the mechanical side.”
Ryan Helminen, Project Engineer at GLSV
“For systems developed in SOLIDWORKS Electrical software, we’re seeing higher quality in production and assembly because it’s easier for manufacturing personnel to read an information-rich schematic that’s tightly linked to actual BOM information.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is to electrical design what SOLIDWORKS is to mechanical design.”
Automates inspection drawings & inspection sheets.
Jennifer Fleming, Engineer at Gauthier Ind
“This software has really sped up the process of creating inspection reports. A part that could have taken me 2 hours before, only takes me maybe 30 minutes now. It would be even more of a time savings, except I am working with .pdf files and the stand alone portion of the software. When I am able to use the SOLIDWORKS add-on, that same 2 hour print would take me about 10 minutes!! It's hard to think I did it the long way for so long. Thank you SOLIDWORKS!!”
Predict & avoid manufacturing defects of plastics parts and injection mold designs
Jayson Nicol, Plant Manager at Schmit Prototypes
“SOLIDWORKS Plastics has had a great impact on our overall design capabilities. We are able to engineer our parts and molds with ease and accuracy. When assistance is needed from Symmetry it has always been immediate and accurate, this goes a long way when the clock is ticking.”


Symmetry Solutions is your official SOLIDWORKS, HP 3D printing, and Markforged 3D printing provider.

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