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SOLIDWORKS 2016 Service Pack 4.0 Available NOW

Written by Jonathan Weisz, Application Engineer

This is the time of year that skeptical SOLIDWORKS users grow in confidence to move to a well established Service Pack.  The great news is Service Pack 4.0 is at your download doorstep!

One of the great benefits to SOLIDWORKS users is that input and feedback DOES in fact produce enhancements and correct regressions.

What is new? What is updated?  Take a look!


SPR # Description Product
283340 eDrawings – General: Enhancement: Need an option to disable the warning message that files are opened read-only. eDrawings 
299645 Systems - File Properties: Global variables cannot be combined with other parameters like dimensions or other global variables in custom properties. SOLIDWORKS 
324889 Drawings – View General: The drawing view is not Aligned by origin, when Aligning view command is executed twice consecutive. SOLIDWORKS 
348758 Translator - IGES: Foreign Language - Chinese Traditional: Save Chinese name part file as IGS format, and get junk character name IGS file which can not be opened directly. SOLIDWORKS 
384787 Parts, Feature - Pattern: Direction of Circular pattern axis is incorrect while selecting sketch entity as axis to pattern. SOLIDWORKS 
386626 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Misc: Ability to increase size of Function Curves dialog in SOLIDWORKS Simulation (or display a tooltip with full path when hovering over drop-down menu items) SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
393150 DXF/DWG - Translator: Line weight information in SOLIDWORKS Drawing file gets lost after save as DWG/DXF file SOLIDWORKS 
424986 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Replication: Advanced settings selections get lost if first Replication connection has no schedule. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
445694 Drawings - Crosshatch: Boundary Area Hatch/Fill layer cannot be changed. SOLIDWORKS 
450149 User Interface - Property Tab Builder: Tab key does not allow switching to the next text boxes in custom properties tab. SOLIDWORKS 
458524 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Installation: The PDM 2009 Installshield Wizard shows confusing information 'Web Server' while upgrading PDM Editor client SOLIDWORKS PDM 
514008 Drawing Views - Generation: View boundary does not include alternate position view after creating a detail view and force rebuilding (Ctrl-Q) SOLIDWORKS 
537427 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Thermal Contact Set, Weldment Interface: Cannot create insulated thermal contact set - 'For thermal resistance contact sets must be unique' error. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
537857 SOLIDWORKS API: ILayerMgr::GetCurrentLayer() and ILayerMgr::SetCurrentLayer() do not behave as expected SOLIDWORKS API 
542992 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Dispatch: Combo Box in Dispatch will not allow more than 13 items in the list. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
544805 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Trend Tracker: The unit of mass is always Kg and does not follow the units set in the file or SOLIDWORKS/Simulation Options. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
561761 SOLIDWORKS - Message System: A Refresh of the Inbox will clear the message list display if the Full name doesn't match the Login name of the user. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
582372 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Materials, Static Solver: 'Please define Elastic Modulus in material properties' error when running study after applying certain custom materials to SOLIDWORKS model even though Elastic Modulus is defined. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
587111 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Plane 2D Interface: Cannot select entities in newly created 2D simplification study. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
594053 Graphics, Hide, Show - Modeling Instant3D: Isolate command causes crash when multiple parts are selected and Instant3D manipulator appears on toolbox part. SOLIDWORKS 
600694 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Mesh: Enhancement: Section the mesh quality plot to see the interior mesh of components. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
603658 Model Display settings including color & Advanced (Ambient, Diffuse, Specularity, Shineness, Transparency, Emission) are not saved with part template. SOLIDWORKS 
604437 SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration, Windows Explorer: Right Mouse Button (RMB) menu Print fails to print Microsoft Office documents using Windows 7 x64 inside PDM vault view. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
612544 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Message System: Automatic notifications (e-mails) should display 'Full Name' in addition to just the 'login name' if they differ - difficult to know which user performed the operation. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
619339 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Static Interface: Error 'The units for all component links attached to a single parameter need to be the same' for parameter attached to spring preload value. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
619983 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Connector-Spot, Edge Weld: Edge weld results for Euro code is displaying weld size and Weld throat size as same. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
620140 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Composite Interface: Composite stack with ply thickness of less than 0.01 gets rounded up to 0.01 when saved to csv file and then loaded SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
621088 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Misc: Elapsed time in solver progress dialog is reset to 0 after 24 hours. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
633753 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Thermal Postprocessing: For List Heat Power, the default unit is always BTU/s no matter what unit system (SI, English, Metric) is selected in the options. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
640086 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Static Postprocessing: Excluded bodies are not visible eventhough the option 'Show excluded bodies' is checked in Simulation Options. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
640116 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Composite Postprocessing: X and Y Normal Stresses are zero at boundary of compatibly bonded composites with ‘Display Results in Ply Direction on Composite Surfaces' enabled. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
643885 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Materials: Message to save changes displays when switching between some custom materials when no changes have been made. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
654203 eDrawings – Open: The 'out of date..' warning in eDrawings is not correctly indicating the status of the drawing and appear consistently. eDrawings 
664510 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Misc: There is no Help document after clicking Help button in the Solver Message window. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
668034 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Composite Postprocessing: Presence of solid body and use of 'Display results in ply direction on composite surfaces' in Stress plot causes areas of zero stress in graphics area. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
689287 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Reports: Enhancement: Add Ability to include location descriptions in reports. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
689451 User Interface - General , Enhancement: F1 for Help should work when there are no commands running. SOLIDWORKS 
716015 Sheet Metal Form Tools File Properties: Crash adding punch ID to library feature properties after inserted into sheet metal part. SOLIDWORKS 
716911 Task scheduler - Translator - DXF, DWG: Dimension value changes on moving the view or dimension text in DXF/DWG file saved from SOLIDWORKS Drawing using Task Scheduler. SOLIDWORKS 
720736 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Static Postprocessing: Option 'Stress plot floating with one decimal (recommended)" doesn't work when the Pressure/Stress unit is MPa SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
722405 Sheet Metal Flanges: Custom bend allowance set into Swept bends of swept flange feature does not work SOLIDWORKS 
731765 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Symbols, Create, Edit: Update symbol -> Selected Only updates all symbols in drawing. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
734935 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Tasks: Enhancement: Tasks that use Draftsight to convert files to PDF (including DWGs) SOLIDWORKS PDM 
737139 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – General: All the files get closed when trying to close a single assembly file. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
738758 SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Post Processing: 'Show plot only on selected entities' option doesn't work on Pressure Vessel study plots. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
741976 Sheet Metal Features - Tables: Crash selecting a gauge table in the Convert to Sheet Metal PropertyManager while editing a cell in an open Excel worksheet. SOLIDWORKS 
750156 SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration – SOLIDWORKS Add-In: SOLIDWORKS Add-In takes time to refresh large reference tree when switching active Window, inserting component, opening assembly etc. 'Doc_GetList' shows long duration *vault specific* SOLIDWORKS PDM 
753152 User Interface - General Assembly: 'Browse for file' selection, in 'Unable to locate the file…' dialog box, is not remembered when dialog is dismissed; components are suppressed on open. SOLIDWORKS 
771824 Translator - IFC Import: SOLIDWORKS crashes for a different way to describe the reference units - by Graphisoft ArchiCAD-64. SOLIDWORKS 
775552 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Connector – Bolt: Problem with display and location of the local coordinate system for bolt connector force results - only for Foundation bolt type. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
780809 Drawings Views – Detail, Crosshatch, Crop , Isometric: Hatch pattern 'AEC sand' and 'Dots' does not display in the detail, crop, isometric views SOLIDWORKS 
805984 eDrawings - Markup, User Interface: Cannot rename Markup comment, Option on Right Mouse Button does not work. eDrawings 
807952 DXF/DWG - Translator: DWG file saved from this SOLIDWORKS drawing does not display the sheet size correctly when opened in DraftSight SOLIDWORKS 
819351 SOLIDWORKS PDM - Tasks: Enhancement: Provide Task functionality to convert DWG files. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
820328 eDrawings – General: Explode shows different results if same file is opened in easm and sldasm format. eDrawings 
832502 User Interface - Options: Dismissed message for revision symbols does not appear in Tools > Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings. SOLIDWORKS 
833490 Translator - STEP - Import: SOLIDWORKS crashes import ISO 10303-21 step file. SOLIDWORKS 
836226 User Interface - General Display - Parts: Instability opening any part document if Draft Analysis feature is located in the heads up toolbar. SOLIDWORKS 
836252 Sheet Metal - Base Geometry: Changes in Bend Allowance (K-factor) parameters does not propagate to the convert to solid bend feature(s). SOLIDWORKS 
839327 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – General: EPLAN Macro Converter-Ability to convert symbols with variants.. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
841714 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Libraries: Symbols Manager - The symbol is not shown in the filters, specific library, if the symbol was edited after the library name was changed. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
846942 SOLIDWORKS Routing - Cabling: The wire colors are not displaying in flatten manufacture drawing connector block. SOLIDWORKS Routing 
854915 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Libraries: Library - Component classification - Root - Root marks are linked SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
855245 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Weldment Solver: 'Beam is not properly bonded to shell...' error persists between certain sheet metals and beams in this model when solving. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
856180 Localization: Foreign Language - Chinese Traditional: Windows 8 specific issue, weirdly reported only in Traditional Chinese. SOLIDWORKS 
857199 eDrawings SOLIDWORKS Import / Open: Bill of Materials (BOM) which is hidden in a SOLIDWORKS drawing is shown when opening native file in eDrawings. eDrawings 
864607 SOLIDWORKS API - Save, Close - Assembly: Failed to save 3D PDF from assembly file. SOLIDWORKS API 
865013 Sketch Relations, Inferences: After sketching one line then a second line, horizontal & vertical relations buttons are not shown in the PropertyManager. SOLIDWORKS 
876535 Systems - General: Windows Explorer search (indexing) is unable to search SOLIDWORKS 2015 format files files by description. iFilter no longer works. SOLIDWORKS 
876657 Sheet Metal - Multi-Body: Deleting edge flange suppresses flatten feature in flat-pattern configuration. SOLIDWORKS 
877773 SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration – Windows Explorer: Windows shortcut paths to folders in vault view gets first two characters truncated in folder name and becomes unusable after upgrading system to PDM 2015 or newer. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
878565 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Load Case Manager: 'Non existent information' error message when running Load Case Manager studies with a Remote Load with Rigid Connection (Direct Transfer is OK) SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
881776 SOLIDWORKS PDM – Search: Content search result includes all files in Private State. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
884871 SOLIDWORKS API, Reload, Replace: Crash of the AssemblyDoc::ReplaceComponent API SOLIDWORKS API 
889535 Graphics, Display - Parts Hide, Show - Modeling: Hide/Show bodies is not stored in the display state SOLIDWORKS 
890418 eDrawings – Open, SOLIDWORKS PDM Preview : Foreign Language - Chinese Traditional: When opening same slddrw file in eDrawings, some text format changed when using Chinese environment eDrawings 
892443 SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM: Workgroup PDM add-in within SOLIDWORKS fails to show preview and also causes Task Pane's File Explorer Preview Window to be black / blank. SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM 
896761 Graphics, PhotoView 360 - General: Alpha channel does not work when saving a motion study as TGA files (Rendered by Photoview 360). Background could not be hidden.. SOLIDWORKS 
897614 SOLIDWORKS API Layers, Line font: Toggle issue: ILayer::Printable property toggles between true and false if set multiple times. SOLIDWORKS API 
900064 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Dynamic Postprocessing: Response graph at Remote Mass location have constant null values when the model contains a beam element SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
903279 Systems - General - Tools: DrawCompare window does not display. SOLIDWORKS 
903571 User Interface - Options: Copy settings wizard cannot restore the settings exported from SOLIDWORKS 2015. SOLIDWORKS 
904738 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Edit, Revise, Locate): Arrow head disappears in dimension leader when this is changed from to multi-jog leader. This issue doesn't occur in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP2.1 or earlier. SOLIDWORKS 
905466 User Interface - General: Configurations option list menu is blank in Property Managers with button size set to medium or large. SOLIDWORKS 
913187 eDrawings – Open: ActivationLegalPolicy.htm not found when launching edrawing *.exe file. eDrawings 
916189 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Select, Create) Drawing Views - Detail, Cropped: Extension line is missing in detail view, when adding the dimension by Model Items or Smart command. SOLIDWORKS 
916477 User Interface - General, Enhancement: Ability to change the sketch cross hair back to the pencil icon. SOLIDWORKS 
918221 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Select, Create) Decals: Unable to place dimension between edge of view and alternate position view. SOLIDWORKS 
918446 User Interface - View Orientation: View of ice cube view selector covers the ice cube when Windows screen resolution is set to 125% or 150%. SOLIDWORKS 
920700 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Select, Create): Dimension is not placed at first click on Rapid dimensioning manipulator - need to hover the cursor a little bit to place the dimension. SOLIDWORKS 
922018 Localization, Foreign Language - Chinese Traditional: User Interface, Hole Wizard: Hole wizard dimension is messy on SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP4for Windows 8.1 platform SOLIDWORKS 
923089 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – General: Standard templates to use 'Automated generation of drawings from Excel' should be provided with installation. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
923111 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Edit, Revise, Locate): 'Center Dimension' option positions dimension text incorrectly when created between tangent edges in a detail view. SOLIDWORKS 
923789 Localization - Foreign Language - Japanese Toolbox - General: Japanese : Warning 'Error Reading database table HJ' occurs when selecting JIS of Structural Steel from Toolbox. SOLIDWORKS 
923984 Toolbox - Calculators: Foreign Language - General: "Error reading the database table height" error message for Toolbox Structural Steel DIN HE-Trager for German User Interface. Similar issue for French. SOLIDWORKS 
924666 SOLIDWORKS API: Problem Creating Feature Manager Tab using IModelViewMgr.CreateFeatureMgrWindowFromHandlex64 SOLIDWORKS API 
926985 Parts, Tools - Mass, Section Properties: 'Selected faces are not in the same or parallel planes message is displayed when selecting two or more surfaces and clicking recalculate in Section Properties SOLIDWORKS 
928050 eDrawings – Open: Cannot open eDrawings executable file on windows 7/8.1 machine where neither eDrawings nor SOLIDWORKS installed eDrawings 
928428 eDrawings – Display: Any symbol/flag with a letter or number added to a note/balloon/dimension will show up as empty/super small eDrawings 
930853 Drawings Views - Section, Broken: In a section of a break view, you cannot move the section view label easily. SOLIDWORKS 
930922 Drawings – View Generation: Cannot dimension from the alternative drawing position to the initial position (base position). SOLIDWORKS 
930998 Drawings, Annotations - Centerline, Center Mark: Dangling Center mark could not be reattached. SOLIDWORKS 
931467 Drawings Views - Section, Broken: Annotations, Centerline: Centerlines endpoints of Broken section view shifts/display at incorrect location. SOLIDWORKS 
931911 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Tols, Symbols): Hole Callout limit tolerance upper value is showing incorrect units for dual dimension. SOLIDWORKS 
932108 SOLIDWORKS Electrical – 3D SOLIDWORKS Routing, Wiring: 'Wrong definition of 2D Schematic pin ID' when route components have only 1 cpoint 0_0 SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
932137 User Interface - General: Part and Assembly origins are very small with 4K monitor and high Dots per Inch (DPI) settings (200%). SOLIDWORKS 
932810 Drawings, Annotations - Centerline, Center Mark: Cannot create dimension for auto inserted Center mark with patterned hole and connection lines. SOLIDWORKS 
933211 Sheet Metal - Features: Open the part in SOLIDWORKS 2016, and Force rebuild produces rebuild errors, which were not there in the previous versions of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS 
933327 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Select, Create): Hole Wizard Location dimension added using Insert Model Items is shown as an Asian (Chinese or Korean) character SOLIDWORKS 
933341 SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration, Windows Explorer :'SnagIt editor' and other screen capture applications can cause 'Paste as Reference' to not work. Right Mouse Button option disabled. SOLIDWORKS PDM 
935514 SOLIDWORKS Electrical –Schematic, Macros: "Nothing to paste" warning error when insert macro with only graphic. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
935523 Systems – File Properties: Configuration Specific Properties values overwritten for Part with Inserted Part. SOLIDWORKS 
935621 Parts, Feature - Weldments: Structural Member feature temporarily displays path segments in group box when select multiple segments for one group. SOLIDWORKS 
940013 User Interface - General: Drawing Feature Manager expands when display is to more than 100 %. SOLIDWORKS 
940087 SOLIDWORKS API - Macro: IBomTableAnnotation::GetComponents2 behavior regression from 2015 to 2016 SOLIDWORKS API 
940607 Drawings - Dimension - DRW (Select, Create): Cosmetic Thread - PropertyManager - we are no longer able to apply dual dimensions or tolerance to cosmetic threads within drawings SOLIDWORKS 
941976 eDrawings Publisher - General: eDrawings only displays small area in upper left corner. SOLIDWORKS 
942780 Sketcher – Sketch Tools: 'Sketcher confirm delete' dialog does not prompt while deleting sketch entities that has an associated dimension. SOLIDWORKS 
943406 SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing (SNL) : Delay inserting a smart dimension in an assembly sketch in an SNL environment; delay is longer if invalid (no longer in use) or stopped license server is specified SOLIDWORKS 
943654 Installation General - Workgroup PDM - Vault: Installation Manager (IM) installs 2016 Workgroup PDM Server application under “Program Files (x86)” despite being x64 application’. SOLIDWORKS 
943791 SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing (SNL): SW_D exited with status 255 error and SNL manager fails to start if expired activation is present in trusted storage SOLIDWORKS 
944223 eDrawings - User Interface: eDrawings display pane gets separated from the eDrawings user interface when viewing in medium or large DPI in dual monitor system. eDrawings 
944333 Parts - Cosmetic Threads - Part, Assy Feature - Hole Wizard: Cosmetic thread diameter of hole wizard is reset (M0) after switching configuration. SOLIDWORKS 
944803 User Interface - Property Manager: File Specific Crash: When rotating this part when attempting to extend surface SOLIDWORKS crashes. SOLIDWORKS 
944937 eDrawings – Display: Multi-sheet drawings show all dimension arrows on all drawings eDrawings 
949819 Assemblies, Tables - Design Table: Value of cell 'A1' in Design table changed to 'Design Table for: FILE NAME' , causes other cells depends on the value to break. SOLIDWORKS 
949830 Installation - SOLIDWORKS Installation General: Updating to SOLIDWORKS 2016 deletes SOLIDWORKS fonts (SWXXX). SOLIDWORKS 
950312 eDrawings Publisher: Arrow head annotations are visible in eDrawings after saving SOLIDWORKS file as .eprt. SOLIDWORKS 
951308 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Fatigue, User Interface: The option 'Worst damage location' does not work when creating a Rainflow or Damage matrix chart. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
951792 Drawings, Annotations - Note, Balloon:Stack Note, stack size doesn't change when changing it's percentage. SOLIDWORKS 
951814 SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Interface – Settings:Rotating Region Parametric Study, Goal Optimization, input parameter for Rotating Regions is missing from 2016 SP3 SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 
951904 DXF/DWG - Translator - PDF Out: SOLIDWORKS crash when export attached assembly as 3D PDF on Windows10 machine. SOLIDWORKS 
952101 SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Connector-Spot, Edge Weld: Edge Weld connector unit conversion seems incorrect yielding incorrect results. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 
953695 CircuitWorks - Export: Some Allegro Bit Distribution Format (BDF) files opened in CircuitWorks will not build correct when the ‘Build Model’ button is pressed if the “Link board and library file by component name only” option is turned on. CircuitWorks 
953986 SOLIDWORKS Electrical –Schematic Drawings: Draw - Insert block - Copy and paste the block - R6025 Runtime error followed by a crash SOLIDWORKS Electrical 
958650 Part, Assembly -Cosmetic Threads: Adding a configuration to an assembly will cause assembly Hole Wizard feature's cosmetic thread to change in size. SOLIDWORKS 
960913 eDrawings - Display: Edges of transparent component do not show (shaded) after hide then show all in an assembly. eDrawings 
964289 Black Boxes symbols lose the position of all the terminal text after opening the report manager SOLIDWORKS Electrical 

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