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SOLIDWORKS Training Frequently Asked Questions

What types of SOLIDWORKS classes are offered?

Symmetry Solutions offers a number of classes in the following categories:


SOLIDWORKS Specialty Courses

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Courses

SOLIDWORKS Composer Courses


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Courses

For a detailed list take a look at our SOLIDWORKS Training page.

What if I need a SOLIDWORKS class that isn’t offered?

Symmetry Solutions has you covered. If you are looking for a hybrid of classes, or need training specific to how you and your company uses SOLIDWORKS, we are happy to develop a training class or classes to meet your needs. Contact Us today to begin the process.

Where is SOLIDWORKS training held?

Symmetry Solutions' state of the art training facility is located in the Twin Cities, in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We also have remote training throughtout the Midwest and will even come to your company if requested. Get Directions

Are alternative SOLIDWORKS training locations available?

Yes! Often Symmetry Solutions will offer SOLIDWORKS courses in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and all across Minnesota. If you aren’t located near the Twin Cities and would like us to travel in your direction, Contact Us today.

Does Symmetry Solutions offer live, interactive SOLIDWORKS online training?

Yes! In addition to our other training options, we also offer the SOLIDWORKS Core classes online. The online classes are not prerecorded but instead allow you to interact live with an instructor.

For detailed information and system requirements see our SOLIDWORKS Online Training page.

How often does Symmetry Solutions offer each SOLIDWORKS class?

Our most popular class, SOLIDWORKS Essentials, is offered every other week. Most other classes are offered every six weeks. A few classes are offered by request only. See our training calendars for details. If you don’t see the class you need listed, Contact Us today.

SOLIDWORKS Training Calendar

SOLIDWORKS Online Training Calendar

How many students are in each SOLIDWORKS class?

All classes are limited to only ten (10) students unless prior arrangements have been made.

Do you offer any SOLIDWORKS training packages?

We offer the Empowerment Pass, and Empowerment Pass CE. The Empowerment Pass CE is intended for experienced users who wish to hone their SOLIDWORKS skills.

Who teaches your SOLIDWORKS training classes?

All of our training classes are taught by Certified SOLIDWORKS instructors. Most of our instructors have industry experience using the SOLIDWORKS tool(s) they are teaching. Our instructors hold great wealth of knowledge and are excited to be teaching these classes.

What curriculum is used?

Symmetry Solutions uses SOLIDWORKS approved curriculum developed specifically for each class or set of tools.

What version of SOLIDWORKS is used?

Symmetry Solutions will always teach our classes using the most up-to-date major release of SOLIDWORKS.

What Operating System is used?

Symmetry Solutions will always teach on a tested and approved SOLIDWORKS and Operating System combination.

Does Symmetry Solutions offer any type of SOLIDWORKS training certification to students?

All certifications, such as Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP), and Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE), are handled directly by SOLIDWORKS. For more information you will want to go to the SOLIDWORKS certification page.

How do I know what SOLIDWORKS classes I need to take?

If you are new to SOLIDWORKS or new to 3D CAD it is best to start with the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class. Even seasoned SOLIDWORKS users find this to be a very helpful and eye-opening course.

Our SOLIDWORKS training page provides a detailed explanation of each course. If you have questions after reviewing this information, please Contact Us.

What do I need to do to prepare for a SOLIDWORKS class?

SOLIDWORKS offers some excellent tutorials that we highly recommend as preparation for any of the SOLDIWORKS Core courses. These tutorials are part of your SOLIDWORKS installation and accessed easily through the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab.

How long are the SOLIDWORKS classes?

Each class held at our training facility or held offsite is taught from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. These classes range from one to four days depending on the course.  

Online courses are held in four hour increments and carry over two to six days, depending on the course.



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