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SOLIDWORKS Technical Product Communication

SOLIDWORKS Composer Technical Communication software encourages clarity by enabling designers, shop floor, sales, and marketing departments to easily create and deliver 2D and 3D graphical content  from existing 3D CAD data. Even non-technical users can clearly present and explain products and processes by quickly repurposing CAD content for technical product communication —while updating it automatically as design changes occur.

With the intuitive SOLIDWORKS Composer software, you can start creating technical communications from the earliest phases of the design process. Manufacturing, technical, sales, and marketing departments can quickly produce leading-edge technical communications that creates competitive advantage while saving time and cutting costs.

Faster Content Development

SOLIDWORKS Composer software enables you to:

  • Work directly from 3D CAD data and create 2D and 3D graphical content in multiple formats, such as raster images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG); vector images (SVG, EPS, SVGZ, CGM); videos (AVI); and 3D interactive animations (3D PDF, HTML, SMG), executable package, ActiveX control)
  • Use the intuitive authoring tools to leverage the CAD model as a source for technical graphic creation
  • Remove the need for digital photographs, CAD screenshots, and manual drawings
  • Free up engineering resources from the need to generate and maintain images
  • Update technical communication files automatically, keeping graphics accurate and current with the latest product design

Broad Range of Technical Communications Applications

SOLIDWORKS Composer graphical content supports a wide range of technical communication applications for manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and training—all of which are associated with your CAD data:

  • Publish clear, detailed 2D and 3D instructions to accurately show complex operations for your Assembly Floor
  • Visualize, demonstrate, and sell your product technology in the bidding process
  • Promote your product with marketing materials
  • Publish user instructions with 3D visuals
  • Create maintenance and repair guides for machine operators and service engineers
  • Provide 3D parts catalogs in print or online for customer orders
  • Have Engineers create “3D visual know-how” learning materials for internal or external training
  • Develop visual testing procedures manuals with QA Engineers
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