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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Visualization - Results and Reporting

Evaluate and compare design alternatives with the visualization and reporting capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Increase your ability to make informed design decisions while you ensure product performance and safety.

Tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis visualization and reporting can be a regular part of your design process—helping to reduce the need for costly prototypes, eliminate rework or delays, and save time and development costs.

Simulation Visualization and Reporting

The ultimate objective of virtual simulation is to get valuable information so you can quickly compare design alternatives—and identify the best.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation offer a wide range of powerful and intuitive post processing tools, so you can get full value and understanding from your simulation data:

  • Visualize the stress and displacement of your assembly with customizable 3D plots
  • Animate the response of your assembly under loads to visualize:Visualize SOLIDWORKS Simulation results on the full geometry for symmetrical models, instead of only a section of the model, giving you better insight on the model behavior
    • Deformations
    • Vibration modes
    • Contact behavior
    • Optimization alternatives
    • Flow trajectories
  • Understand the fluid flow inside your products using the section plots, simply defined with any SOLIDWORKS plane
  • Get values quickly and easily for critical parameters, such as pressure drop, using the Engineering Goals
  • Investigate your design performance and isolate critical areas by results values, using the Isosurfaces plot
  • Visualize the Fluid Flow results with real time interaction with the rendered, evenly spaced surface stream lines and the dynamic vectors
  • Communicate your simulation results and collaborate easily with eDrawings® software
  • Create and publish customized reports in Microsoft® Word or HTML format, including all your favorite plots
  • Mirror results about Planes of symmetry
  • Flow streamlines and dynamic vectors
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