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solidworks simulation training course

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Course

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Simulation Course

Description: This course is designed to make SOLIDWORKS Simulation users productive with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional extension. This one day course will provide an in-depth coverage on the advanced topics in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) including heat transfer analysis, frequency analysis, fatigue, stability analysis based on the linear buckling concepts, 2D simulations (plane stress, strain, and axisymmetry) and pressure vessel modules. Examples of parts and assemblies including those with various gap contact conditions are reviewed.

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Lesson 1: Frequency Analysis of Parts

Lesson 2: Frequency Analysis of Assemblies

Lesson 3: Buckling Analysis

Lesson 4: Load Cases

Lesson 5: Submodeling

Lesson 6: Thermal Analysis

Lesson 7: Thermal Analysis with Radiation

Lesson 8: Advanced Thermal Stress2D Simplification

Lesson 9: Fatigue Analysis

Lesson 10: Variable Amplitude Fatigue

Lesson 11: Drop Test Analysis

Lesson 12: Optimization Analysis

Lesson 13: Pressure Vessel Analysis