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SOLIDWORKS Secure File Vaulting

Securely control access to sensitive or proprietary product information using the easy-to-implement SOLIDWORKS PDM (PDM) system. With secure file vaulting, user access is tightly managed—even within distributed computing environments—and security risks that arise from using shared network drives are eliminated.

The benefits of secure file vaulting extend beyond individual file security and user access control, including:

  • Workflow tracking
  • File routing
  • Data storage
  • Replication
  • Data backup

With SOLIDWORKS PDM, data is kept secure, up to date, and accessible. The system eliminates duplicate work and delays, while saving time and development costs.

Secure Data Access

Easily establish and assign individual and/or group user rights, such as:

  • Read-only
  • Read-write
  • Change authorizations
  • Release approvals

Only users with active SOLIDWORKS PDM usernames and passwords can log into the system. Manage user rights within the vault structure, development workflow, or product lifecycle based on group or geographic location.

Implementing an Active Directory connection allows vault access to be managed through the same username and password used to access Windows®, creating a single set of password requirements, access rights, and expirations.

Electronic Workflow and File Routing

Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flow chart interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Using an electronic workflow eliminates paper-based change packets and delivery requirements, which saves time, reduces costs, and tightens security.

  • Automate file routing to make development and engineering change processes more efficient
  • Send email notifications automatically when files change status—from “Design” to “Pending Approval,” for example—to keep everyone up to date
  • Establish automatic triggers to launch other processes, including:
    • Bill of material (BOM) export to ERP systems
    • Printing
    • Neutral file creation
    • Custom applications

Centralized Storage with Automated Vault Replication

SOLIDWORKS PDM enables the creation and maintenance of a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users worldwide to store and retrieve files. In addition to preserving a secure backup of product design data, secure file vaulting eliminates multiple “silos” of information, duplicate files, and unsynchronized revisions. Maintain the convenience of local access to files directly from your workstation, and use the network only to check-in or check-out files as needed. Vault replication provides users access to files that are stored on local servers so they can be accessed via a local area network (LAN) instead of over a wide area network (WAN).

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