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PDM Professional QuickStart


The Fastest Way to Implement Product Data Management

PDM Professional QuickStart is a proven implementation system that uses industry-standard best practices to enable your organization to smoothly and efficiently launch your product data management (PDM) system. You will see an extremely fast ROI and start seeing the benefits of product data management in the shortest amount of time. The PDM Professional QuickStart provides:

  • A consistent, proven methodology for implementing PDM software
  • Set-up and information systems recommendations
  • Technical reference tools

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Why PDM Professional QuickStart?

Have you put off implementing a file management solution due to cost or implementation complexity? Are you tolerating file management pains wondering if there’s a better way?

PDM Professional QuickStart gives you the fastest ROI and quickly solves your most common file management issues.

  • Securely store and manage your data
  • Create repeatable processes for design using electronic workflows
  • Easily manage revisions and track history
  • Quickly retrieve data with powerful search features
  • Improve productivity across multiple locations with replication and design collaboration
  • Assist with adherence to regulatory standards such as ISO, ITAR, FDA etc…

Basics Included

Vault Configuration

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Data Cards
  • Categories and Workflows
  • Serial Numbers
  • PDF Convert Task
  • SOLIDWORKS Template Configuration
  • Major and Minor Revision Management
  • PDM Templates
  • Engineering Change Order Management

Software Installations

  • SQL Server
  • Archive Server
  • Client Installs
  • Up to 3 Replicated Servers


SOLIDWORKS PDM is highly configurable, so generic training can sometimes make going live with the end users a stressful process. With PDM Professional QuickStart you can rest easy knowing that all the users will be trained based on the actual configuration of your PDM system to ensure the highest level of success for all the end users.

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