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SOLIDWORKS PCB Design Software


At the heart of SOLIDWORKS PCB is a set of tools engineered to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. We’ve combined the best in PCB design technology with an easy-to-use interface and linked it with SOLIDWORKS CAD to give you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily - just what you need what when PCBs are only a part of your product design workflow.

Features & Benefits

With SOLIDWORKS PCB, you get the best of both worlds - powerful PCB design technology and direct integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD. Keeping your electrical and mechanical designs in sync has never been easier with a managed ECO change process and distinct workflows that keeps you at your most productive.

Powerful PCB Design Technology

At its core, SOLIDWORKS PCB provides the best in PCB design technology, capable of meeting the demands of today’s increasingly complex product designs. We’ve packed in all of the latest features to keep you at your most efficient from schematic to board layout with over two decades of PCB design technology running under the hood, all powered by Altium.

Seamless Integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD

SOLIDWORKS PCB is a professional PCB design tool engineered specifically to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. Keep your ECAD and MCAD designs connected with managed ECO change processes, distinct workflows, and seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, all while maintaining your preferred workflow.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Solutions (powered by Altium) Include

Easily Integrate Design Data

Design data has never been so easily shared amongst your design team. Data is effortlessly shared between your electrical and mechanical workflows, uniting two sides of the design process under one common method of communication and collaboration. Transition easily between your ECAD and MCAD design environment, knowing that your design data is kept in-sync with our powerful collaboration tools.

Proven PCB Design Engine

Getting your designs done as quickly and easily as possible is always a top priority. Meeting those critical time-to-market windows requires a PCB design tool capable of keeping up with the demands of your complex designs. SOLIDWORKS PCB is packed with all of the latest design technology, powered by over 25 years of R&D experience from the PCB design experts at Altium.

Unified Design Environment

Both the schematic and PCB editor are integrated in one unified system in SOLIDWORKS PCB. You’ll barely notice the change as you transition from your schematic to board layout process, allowing you to stay at your most productive in a familiar design environment.

Maintain Your Distinct Workflow

SOLIDWORKS PCB is all about connecting your electrical and mechanical designs without any compromises. Focus on just the electrical side of your design in SOLIDWORKS PCB, and work on the rest in parallel with SOLIDWORKS CAD. Your workflow will always remain separate but in sync, using the most productive tools for both sides of your design.

Streamlined Schematic Editor

A streamlined schematic editing environment gives you the tools you need to bring your designs to life. With access to real-time component supply chain information and comprehensive rule checking, your schematic designs get done quickly and easily.

Maximum Design Efficiency

Taking your PCB designs to the next level requires a powerful set of features. SOLIDWORKS PCB has what you need to tackle your next design project.