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solidworks simulation training course

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Course

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials or Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) and a fundamental knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and/or injection mold design

Description: The SOLIDWORKS Plastics course teaches you how to use specialized simulation software tools to predict how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process. Predicting how the plastic will flow enables you to predict manufacturing defects such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, and sink marks. By predicting these defects you can change the part or mold geometry, the processing condition, or the plastic material itself to eliminate or minimize them, saving energy, material , time, and money. The SOLIDWORKS Plastics course covers all the features and function of both SOLIDWORKS Plastics Profession (for part designers) and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium (for mold designers).

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Topics covered:

About This Course
Use of Color

Lesson 1: Basic Flow Analysis
Basic Flow Analysis
Stages in the Process
Element Types
The PlasticsManager Tree
Input Options
Injection Location
Running a Flow Analysis
Flow Results

Lesson 2: Detecting Air Traps
Detecting Air Traps
Stages in the Process
Air Traps
Switching Modes for Design Changes
Design Changes
Parts Created Using Mold Design Tools

Lesson 3: Detecting Short Shots
Detecting Short Shots
Stages in the Process
Fill Settings
Flow Front Central Temperature

Lesson 4: The Model Manager
The Model Manager
Stages in the Process
Using the Model Manager
Copying Parts and Results
Batch Manager
Summary and Report

Lesson 5: Injection Locations and Sink Marks
Injection Locations and Sink Marks
Stages in the Process
Injection Location Rules
Sink Marks

Lesson 6: Multiple Cavity Molds
Multiple Cavity Molds
Stages in the Process
Mirroring Cavities
Sketching Runners
Runner Design
X-Y Plots

Lesson 7: Runner-Balancing
Stages in the Process
Local Refinement of Mesh
Using Runner-Balancing

Lesson 8: Gate Freeze
Gate Freeze
Stages in the Process
Solid Mesh
Pack Settings
Flow and Pack Analysis
Pack Results

Lesson 9: Optimizing Cooling Time
Optimizing Cooling Time
Stages in the Process
Multiple Injection Locations

Lesson 10: Using Inserts
Using Inserts
Stages in the Process
Cavities and Inserts
Materials for Inserts

Lesson 11: Mesh Repairs
Mesh Repairs
Stages in the Process
Element Issues
Edit Mesh

Lesson 12: Warpage Analysis
Warpage Analysis
Stages in the Process
Shrinkage and Warpage
Warp Settings
Flow, Pack and Warp Analysis
Warp Results

Lesson 13: Cooling Analysis
Cooling Analysis
Stages in the Process
Cool Settings
Cool Analysis
Cool Results