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solidworks 3d cad training course

SOLIDWORKS Mold Design Advanced

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Mold Design Essentials and Assembly Modeling

Description: SOLIDWORKS Mold Design Advanced is intended for users that will be modeling complete molds. This will include a lesson on using surfaces to create mold splits manually, leveraging the design library for creating mold specific features, and walking through a complete mold design from start to finish.

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The topics covered in this course are:  

Lesson 6: Using Surfaces for Mold Design Features
Surfaces for Mold Design Features
Case Study: Router Bottom
The Mixer
Case Study: Mixer Upper Half
Case Study: Mixer Rear Housing
Mold Split Folders

Lesson 7: Alternate Methods for Mold Design
Alternate Methods for Mold Design
Using Combine and Split
Creating a Cavity
Case Study: Cavity
Using Surfaces
Using the Up To Surface Method
Using the Split Method
Manually Creating Shut-off Surfaces

Lesson 9: Completing the Mold Base
Case Study:Mold Base
Organizing the Assembly
Modifying the Lifters
Ejector Pins
Cooling the Mold
Making the Drawing
Making Changes
Completing the Process