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solidworks composer training course

SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition)

Prerequisites: General knowledge of computers and a Microsoft Windows operating system as a user. Experience and/or education in mechanical design or engineering.

Description: The goal of this course is to teach you how to create 3D PDF and eDrawings files using SOLIDWORKS MBD or Model Based Definition software.

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This course will cover:

About This Course
Windows® 7
Use of Color

Lesson 1: What is SOLIDWORKS MBD?
Preparing the Part or Assembly
DimXpert Tools
Manipulating Annotation Views
Capturing 3D Views
Publishing a 3D PDF and eDrawings
3D PDF Templates

Lesson 2: Using DimXpert
DimXpert Selections
Settings for DimXpert
Auto Dimension Scheme
DimXpert Features
DimXpert Annotations

Lesson 3: Adding Size and Location Dimensions
Special Selection Techniques
Manually Creating DimXpert annotations
DimXpert Annotations and 2D Drawings

Lesson 4: Turned Parts
Turned Parts
Using Plus and Minus
Tolerance Rule Checking

Lesson 5: Annotation Views
Annotation Views
Types of Annotation Views
Manipulating Annotation Views
Using Configurations
Modifying Dimension Attachments

Lesson 6: Capturing 3D Views
Capturing 3D Views
3D Views for Parts
3D Views for Assemblies
Breaking Views
Using Feature and Reference Dimensions

Lesson 7: Publishing PDF and eDrawings Files
Publishing PDF and eDrawings Files
Publishing a Part to a 3D PDF
3D View Manipulation
Publishing a Part to an eDrawings File
Publishing an Assembly to a PDF
Publishing an Assembly to an eDrawings File

Lesson 8: 3D PDF Template Editor
3D PDF Template Editor
Modifying a Template
Using the Template