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SOLIDWORKS Interactive 3D Communication

SOLIDWORKS Composer Technical Communication software enables technical, sales, and marketing departments to easily incorporate 3D graphics and interactive animation into technical product communication to show your products and processes more clearly and effectively. Even non-technical users can repurpose CAD content, quickly and cost effectively creating interactive 3D communications. 3D communication and interactive animations created with SOLIDWORKS Composer foster instant understanding of your product’s unique advantages and technical specifications. Help your employees, partners, and customers understand your product and process information better and retain it longer, enhancing your marketing and shortening your sales cycle.

Intuitive Technical Communication

  • Use visual 3D communication instead of text to engage with non-technical audiences or those who speak another language
  • Create clear and intuitive 3D visuals that are easy to understand
  • Use interactive animations and 3D-configurable communication to create a richer product experience
  • Show product assembly, repair, or operation using graphical 3D communication even before the product is manufactured

Optimized Workflows

  • Create realistic product images without needing photography or a physical prototype
  • Create product images and illustrations from multiple angles as needed without a physical prototype
  • Create detailed product breakouts without disassembling a product
  • Keep technical communication materials up-to-date without needing a new physical prototype
  • Link and automatically update technical communications using the CAD model as designs change
  • Start documentation earlier in the design process working directly from the 3D CAD data
  • Complete documentation faster and at lower cost to get products to market faster
  • Minimize translation and localization costs using visual communications instead of text
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