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SOLIDWORKS Engineering Change Management

Significantly reduce the time needed to complete your design approval and engineering change order (ECO) processes with the automated electronic workflow system in SOLIDWORKS PDM (PDM) software. Automatically expedite the flow of information instead of managing engineering changes through manual or paper-based methods—often so time-consuming that they require full-time staff to coordinate. SOLIDWORKS PDM engineering change management solutions include:

Electronic Workflow and File Routing

Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flow chart interface. Save time, reduce costs, and tighten security by using an electronic workflow, which eliminates paper-based change packets and delivery requirements.

  • Automate file routing to make development and engineering change processes more efficient
  • Send email notifications automatically when files change status—from “Design” to “Pending Approval,” for example—to keep everyone up to date
  • Establish automatic triggers to launch other processes, including:
    • Bill of material (BOM) export to ERP systems
    • Printing
    • Neutral file creation
    • Custom applications

Electronic Approvals

Engineering change approvals become completely electronic with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

  • Apply electronic signatures, with the option of a secondary password challenge to meet regulatory requirements
  • Track the complete history of an approval as well as all the steps that preceded it
  • Eliminate the guesswork about where files are in the approval process
  • Remove paper from your process

Engineering Change Documents

Engineering change documentation becomes completely electronic with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

  • Create electronic engineering change requests or orders, and quickly and easily associate all affected files
  • Add data automatically to documents like Microsoft® Word and Excel® files directly from system attributes
  • Accelerate data entry and maintain consistency using standardized forms with customized inputs
  • Notify other departments electronically (such as Purchasing or Manufacturing) when changes are underway
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