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SOLIDWORKS Electronics Thermal Management

Quickly perform complete component thermal analysis on designs incorporating printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronics with easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and the Electronic Cooling Module.

Tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, electronics thermal management analysis using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can be a regular part of your design process, ensuring product performance and safety—reducing the need for costly prototypes, eliminating rework or delays, and saving time and development costs.

Electronics Thermal Management Analysis Overview

To optimize the thermal performance of electronic components and ensure their operation, designers and engineers need to simulate both the environment and heat loads in and around components, PCBs, and complete products. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, augmented with the Electronic Cooling Module, enables you to easily perform complete thermal analysis and test design changes during the design phase.

Product Engineers can import thermal properties from CircuitWorks™ ECAD files to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, including dielectric and conductor density, specific heat, conductivity for PCBs, and volumetric heat sources from components. This capability facilitates setting up the CFD analysis for cooling simulation of electronic components to define PCBs and heat sources.

The Electronic Cooling Module features a comprehensive set of intelligent models In addition to the core SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation models to enable a broad range of electronic cooling applications to be built quickly and accurately. The models included for electronic thermal simulations are:

  • Fans model
  • Thermoelectric cooler (TEC)
  • Heat sink simulation
  • Two-Resistor Component Compact Model (JEDEC standard)
  • Heat Pipe Compact model
  • PCB generator tool
  • Electrical contact condition
  • Joule Heating calculation
  • Extensive library of electronic models

Electronic thermal management analysis enables designers to easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes on component temperatures. Temperature fields can be exported to SOLIDWORKS Simulation for further thermal stress analysis.

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