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solidworks electrical training course

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Advanced Course

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D (Recommended to be taken at the same time as Electrical Advanced)

Description: The goal of this course is to teach you more advanced topics not covered in the standard SOLIDWORKS Electrical training courses, specifically: Harness in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and 3D; Symbol creation methods; Schematic GA layouts and optimized wiring; Wires and equipotentials; Reports, creation, modification, configuration; PLC, detailed design, I/O’s, configuration; Design rule checks and error resolution; Multi-deck terminals, and Black boxes.

Topics covered in this course:

About This Course
Use of Color
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Lesson 1: Line Diagram Harnesses
Creating a Harness
Stages in the Process
Project Harnesses

Lesson 2: Printed Circuit Boards
What is a PCB?
Stages in the Process
Building a Part with CircuitWorks

Lesson 3: Library, Classification Management
Creating a Library
Stages in the Process
Library Filters
Stages in the Process

Lesson 4: Import DXF DWG Files
Import DXF DWG Files
Stages in the Process
File Definition
Symbol and Title Block Mapping
Convert Attributes
Configuration Files
Review Results

Lesson 5: Import Manufacturers Parts
Import Parts
Stages in the Process

Lesson 6: ERP Database Connection
ERP database connection
Stages in the Process
ERP connection
Customize User Data
ERP Data Flow
Update Data

Lesson 7: Export to Import from Excel
Import Export to Excel
Stages in the Process
Excel Export/Import Configuration
Export to Excel
Import from Excel
Replace Data
Stages in the Process

Lesson 8: Report Creation
Lesson Structure
Stages in the Process
Basic Query
Adding Fields
Filtering Fields
Writing a Complex Query
Table Aliases
User Data
Part Descriptions
Can Sum
Location Parts
Report Query