Take a Look at SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Electrical 3D charges up your electromechanical designs

With the new SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, you can quickly and effortlessly integrate your embedded electrical routed systems into product designs:

  • Quickly generate cable/wire/harness routes in 3D to connect all components inside the product
  • Layout and optimize control panels, and accurately calculate wire lengths long before production
  • Synchronize your 2D schematic and 3D model with real-time bi-directional linking
  • Standardize designs and unify BOMs to reduce errors, production delays, and costs

You can start with the intelligent 2D design tools of SOLIDWORKS Electrical to quickly generate your 2D schematics, and then use SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D to create your finished product. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical packages, electrical and mechanical teams can work concurrently to optimize designs and reduce development time.

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