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Save time, control costs, and improve quality through design reuse, using SOLIDWORKS PDM (PDM) to create a framework for quickly locating and reusing or repurposing existing design data. Instead of spending time trying to find prior designs on shared drives or local workstations—or recreating designs when you can’t find them—you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM tools to locate them quickly. Features include:

Advanced Searching

Fast, robust search capabilities put the design files at your fingertips.

  • Access search tools directly from Windows® Explorer or any File Open dialog
  • Save favorite searches and share them with other users
  • Configure search inputs to customize both the search information your company uses and the presentation of results
  • Assign search inputs by user or group, enabling different departments to customize their search preferences
  • Utilize content search to find text in drawing notes, specification sheets, and even in other formats like Microsoft® Office and Adobe® programs

Integrated File Preview

Convenient preview tools enable quick sorting of existing designs.

  • Preview hundreds of file types inside Windows Explorer
  • Take advantage of dynamic 3D viewing capabilities based on SOLIDWORKS eDrawings®
  • Connect to third-party viewers and document comparison tools to expand viewing capabilities and compare file versions

File Structure Copy and Rename

File structure and naming manipulation capabilities enable easier reuse of design data.

  • Repurpose existing CAD model structures to account for new “same as, but different” scenarios that utilize existing designs
  • Reuse and copy files with new names and/or part numbers
  • Assign new part numbers automatically to copied files
  • Add drawings to your file structure—even those of lower level components—to avoid the tedious tasks of locating all related drawings and replacing references manually
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