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solidworks 3d cad training course

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials or Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

Description: In Assembly Modeling you will expand on assembly topics discussed in Essentials. It also introduces more advanced assembly techniques, like in-context design. These techniques all you to maximize your use of the assembly modeling capabilities on SOLIDWORKS.

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The topics covered in this course are: 

About This Course

Lesson 1: Advanced Mate Techniques
Assembly File Structure
File References
File Reference Example
External Reference Search Order
Solving Mates
Advanced Mate Techniques
Case Study: Mate Shortcuts
Mate References
Design Library Parts
Capture Mate References
Named Mate Reference
Multiple Mate Mode
Using Copy with Mates
Case Study: Copy With Mates
Copy with Mate Options
Fixed Components
Summary: Inserting and Mating Components
Advanced Mate Features
Case Study: Advanced Mate Features

Lesson 2: Top-Down Assembly Modeling
Top-Down Assembly Modeling
Stages in the Process
Case Study: Building In-context Parts
Building In-context Features
Propagating Changes
Saving Virtual Parts as External
In-Context Features
External References
Breaking and Locking External References
Machine_Vise Design Intent
Removing External References

Lesson 3: Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners, and Smart Components
Assembly Features and Smart Fasteners
Assembly Features
Case Study: Assembly Features
Smart Fasteners
Smart Components
Case Study: Smart Component

Lesson 4: Assembly Editing
Assembly Editing
Key Topics
Editing Activities
Case Study: Assembly Editing
Replacing and Modifying Components
Troubleshooting an Assembly
Replacing Components Using Save As
Mirroring Components
Reloading Components
Assembly Evaluation Tools
Case Study: Hole Alignment
Controlling Dimensions in an Assembly

Lesson 5: Using Configurations with Assemblies
Using Configurations with Assemblies
Case Study: Assembly Configurations
Component Patterns
Creating Configurations Manually
Configuration Properties
Using the Modify Configurations Dialog
Changing Configurations using the Context Toolbar
Configuration Publisher

Lesson 6: Display States and Appearances
Display States
Bulk Selection Tools
Case Study: Display States
Advanced Select
Appearances, Materials and Scenes
Case Study: Appearances and Materials

Lesson 7: Layout-based Assembly Design
Layout-based Assembly Design
Key Topics
Case Study: Clamp
Inserting Blocks
Creating a Part from a Block
Gear and Pulley Motion in Blocks
Case Study: Gears and Pulleys

Lesson 8: Large Assemblies
Large Assemblies
Key Topics
Lightweight Components
Large Assembly Mode
Case Study: Large Assembly Options
Using SpeedPak
Using Configurations with Large Assemblies
Modifying the Structure of an Assembly
Assembly Visualization
Large Design Review
Tips for Faster Assemblies
Drawing Considerations