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solidworks 3d cad training course

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials or Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

Description: Advanced Part Modeling teaches you how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilities of SOLIDWORKS.

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The topics covered in this course are: 

About This Course
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Windows® 7
Use of Color
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Lesson 1: Multibody Design Techniques
Multibody Solids
Multibody Techniques
Case Study:Multibody Design
Introducing: Solid Bodies Folder
Feature Scope
Patterning Bodies
Tool Body Technique
Introducing: Insert Part
Introducing: Move/Copy Bodies
Combining Bodies
Common Bodies
Intersect with Solid Bodies
Introducing: Intersect
Calculating Internal Volume
Local Operations
Indent Feature
Introducing: Indent
Deleting Solid Bodies
Introducing: Delete Body

Lesson 2: Saving Solid Bodies
Saving Solid Bodies as Parts and Assemblies
Using Cut to Create Multiple Bodies
Insert into New Part
Saving Bodies
Modeling for Rapid Tooling
Splitting a Part into Multiple Bodies
Introducing: Split
Creating an Assembly
Using Split Part with Legacy Data

Lesson 3: Sketching with Splines
Curves in Sketches
Introducing: Spline Tools
Evaluating Curvature Combs
Introducing: The Control Polygon
Introducing: Spline Handles
Analyzing Solid Geometry
Introducing: Display Curvature
Introducing: Zebra Stripes
Style Spline
Sketch Picture
Fit Spline

Lesson 4: Introduction to Sweeping
Case Study: Faux Raised Panel Door
Sweep with Guide Curves
Case Study: Bottle Body
Pierce Relation
Sweep with Guide Curves
The SelectionManager
Case Study: Hanger Bracket
Symmetrical Splines
Dome Feature

Lesson 5: Working with Curves
Curve Features
Case Study: Modeling a Spring
Sweeping Along a 3D Path
3D Sketching
Helix Curve
Introducing: Projected Curve
Composite Curve
Applying the Label Outline to the Bottle
Performance Considerations
Modeling Threads
Blower Housing
Sweeping Along Model Edges
Introducing: Split Line

Lesson 6: Advanced Sweeping
Sweep Options
Orientation and Twist Control
Introducing: Intersection Curve
Face Curves
Align with End Faces
Solid Sweep
Defining Twist
Introducing: Equation Driven Curve

Lesson 7: Boundary Feature and Lofting
Comparing Complex Features
How Lofting and Boundary Work
Loft vs Boundary Feature
Introducing: Loft
Boundary Feature
Using Derived and Copied Sketches
Copying a Sketch
Modify Sketch
Introducing: Modify Sketch
Derived Sketches
Introducing: Derived Sketch5
Boundary Preview Options
Sketch Block and Library Feature Profiles
Additional Curves in Loft and Boundary
Centerline Lofting
Loft Preview Options
Introducing: Split Entities
Cleaning Up a Model
Deleting Faces
Introducing: Delete Face
Evaluating Edges
Introducing: Deviation Analysis
Lofting with Guide Curves
Curve Influence
Hook Using Boundary
Introducing: Curve Through XYZ
Sketch Blocks

Lesson 8: Other Advanced Tools
Advanced Filleting
Delete Face: Delete and Fill
Wrap Feature
Introducing: Wrap
Deform Feature
Introducing: Deform
Introducing: Knit Surface
Direct Editing
Introducing: Move Face