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Hardware for SOLIDWORKS Software

Accelerate your SOLIDWORKS workflows with the best technology workstation. Powerful, easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS software solutions enable companies like yours to speed up product development, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality. Combined with HP Workstations and an innovative program that provides balanced and optimized hardware configurations, you get the best of all worlds to maximize your SOLIDWORKS productivity.

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Simplify Hardware Decisions

HP and Intel have greatly simplified the hardware selection process by developing unique, productivity-boosting configurations for some of the more common SOLIDWORKS design, engineering, and simulation use cases.

The configurations are designed to put resources where they will have the most impact, giving you a balanced solution that most effectively powers your mission-critical SOLIDWORKS work.

Stretch Your Hardware Dollars

The teamwork approach and prepackaged SOLIDWORKS configurations allows us to provide special discounts on hardware. Not only are these packages optimized for performance per dollar, but your dollars will also buy more hardware.

Match the Power to the Problem

We know what stresses a workstation architecture and how to find the right balance of components to maximize SOLIDWORKS performance. Working closely with Intel and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp., HP’s technical experts studied common design and engineering use cases, and created prepackaged custom HP Smart Buy configurations for SOLIDWORKS that exactly find the right balance to maximize performance.

You can be assured you’re getting the most hardware for your money, and maximizing investment resources in areas that are critical to SOLIDWORKS performance.

Should you find yourself with a profile that doesn’t quite fit one of the existing SOLIDWORKS configurations, we have SOLIDWORKS technical experts standing by to create the optimal configuration for your specific circumstance.

The Payoff of Intel Xeon Processors

If your computer runs slowly, then so will your engineers, designers and analysts. You can help them explore more ideas in less time with a workstation based on two Intel Xeon E5 2600v2 processors.

If you are engaged in 3D modeling, visualization, or simulation, then think of investing in a dual processor workstation, they can be well worth the investment. Investing in a workstation with two Intel Xeon processors can increase productivity, reduce time-to-solution, and improve your bottom-line ROI.



Why HP Workstations?
A workstation is the fastest, most expandable, and most reliable computer available. HP is a leader in the workstation industry whose workstations set the standard for innovation, performance and reliability.


Performance Advisor
With this built-in Workstation guru, you will spend more time doing and less time troubleshooting. Get a consolidated report of the workstation hardware and software configuration and, with one click, tune your HP Workstation specifically for your professional application.


Remote Graphics Software
Access the performance and reliability of your HP Workstation from anywhere. From the factory floor to the boardroom, HP RGS brings seamless remote workstation access to new destinations. Collaborate in real time with colleagues across the hall or across the country. Only HP provides the real time, top visual fidelity of remote workstation access with HP RGS standard with every HP Workstation.


Forward Thinking Design
To ensure you stay productive, HP Workstations are designed to be serviced with ease and to provide system-wide efficiency and superb expandability.

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