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Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design is the solution package for increasing your efficiency in plant design and engineering. Smap3D Plant Design is an integrated software solution for 2D/3D plant and piping design that can implement an optimal process chain in plant design.

From 2D flow diagram to 3D plan to isometrics!

With one specialized program for each process step (Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometric), the required solution can be tailored to individual requirements. The P&ID To-Do-List is a function integrated in Smap3D Plant Design which creates an intelligent connection between Smap3D P&ID Schematic and 3D piping.

With consistent implementation of all Smap3D Plant Design components, the automatic “program connections” ensure a smooth, loss-free transfer (NO export/import) of the available information and data, from one process step to the next.

Smap3D Plant Design process chain2

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2D Fliessbild ausschnitt

Smap3D P&ID

In one single package, this databank-based stand-alone software provides the user with all the relevant charts, diagrams, drafts, assessments and tests. Frequent and repetitive tasks are automated and simplified with Smap3D P&ID. All drawing sheets, project sheets and reports are 100% configurable as they are based on templates.

3d Rohrleitungsplanung01

Smap3D Piping

The second item of the plant design process chain is 3D-CAD-Software for pipeline planning - Smap3D Piping the 3D pipeline planning. With Smap3D Piping you automate this step and enhance your 3D-CAD system to an extremely efficient 3D plant design solution.

Isometrie 2

Smap3D Isometric

Isometric is the third item of the typical process chain in plant design. Pipeline isometric is a technical drawing in the form of an isometric image for the design and manufacture of pipelines. Pipeline isometric shows the pipeline not to scale and simplified with all its details and dimensions in length, width and height, in which the main axes of the three dimensions cross under 60°.