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Markforged 3D Printing Success

Markforged 3D Printing Success Stories

With a Markforged 3D printer you can innovate faster with parts made of Onyx, Continuous Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, or any of our 11 other materials. Whether you need parts that are durable, light, hard, or tough, each material provides unique capabilities. Learn from Symmetry Solutions and customers below how Markforged is building the future of manufacturing!

Markforged Customer Success

Markforged Success Story: Mimo Baby Rest Devices

See how Mimo uses the Markforged printer and proprietary sensor technology to give parents insight into their baby’s sleep.  Mimo is a leader in nursery technology and wearable devices, making products that simplify parents' lives by providing insights and data about their baby.

Markforged 3D Printer Success Story

Markforged Success Story: SnotBot & Ocean Alliance

See how SnotBot used Markforged to build a drone that collects whale tissue for Ocean Alliance. SnotBot & Ocean Alliance used Markforged to print lightweight landing gear to absorb the impacts of crash landings. Since using the high strength, nimble parts from the Markforged printer, the landing system has never broken.

Markforged 3D Printing

Markforged Success Story: Dixon Valve & Coupling Company

See how Dixon Valve & Coupling used Markforged to 3D print custom jaws for industrial robotic arms on their factory floor.  The Mark Two Enterprise eliminated weeks of manufacturing lead time by producing a set of robust grippers in under 24 hours, allowing Dixon Valve to easily develop new production solutions. Prior to using 3D printed jaws in the cell, they were machining each tool individually.

Markforged 3D Printer Success

Markforged Success Story: Turret Lathe Specialists

See how Turret Lathe Specialists is Driving Prices Down with the Markforged Industrial Strength 3D Printer  Using the Markforged 3D Printer to make prototypes and templates just as strong as their metal counterparts, Turret Lathe Specialists cut the  manufacturing price of an engine manifold from $2,000 down to $117!

Markforged 3D Printing Success Overview

Markforged Customer Success Stories Overview

Markforged products transcend the realm of 3D printing prototypes and trinkets. Using unique continuous fiber reinforcement to create metal-strength parts at a low cost, we break down the barriers between idea and reality for every designer, engineer and manufacturer.

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