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Process and Plant Design


Building a processing system—even an entire plant or factory—in industries as diverse as oil and gas production, alternate fuel development, power generation, and manufacturing is more challenging than ever. Competition is stiff and capital is tight. So the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed up delivery is critical to your success.

See how SOLIDWORKS product development solutions give you a full range of modeling, simulation, and communication tools to create detailed 3D models and drawings for mechanical equipment and systems, HVAC, process layouts, and electrical, conduit and piping systems. You can complete process and plant design projects quickly, reliably, and affordably.

Critical Business Issues

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Improve bid quality
  • Reduce rework
  • Reduce prototypes and ECO’s
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Beat competitors to market with new products
  • Improve product visualization
  • Reuse existing design data to save time
  • Customizable “families” of products to meet specific customer needs
  • Avoid “redrawing” vendor components
  • Need accurate BOM early in design to support bidding/quoting
  • Maintain revision control through all phases - management
  • Simulation of loads, motion, flow to ensure performance and requirements are met

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • Visualization - 3D solids are easier to understand than 2D drawings. Photorealistic rendering and animations add a more life-like experience.
  • eDrawings web-based communication for models and drawings for both CAD and non-CAD users.
  • 3D Content Central and Toolbox helps save time by providing easy access to the latest 3D vendor components.
  • Weldments and Sheet metal – specialized functionality for structural design and packaging.
  • Routing - functionality for piping, tubing, electrical cabling/harnessing and conduit design.
  • Structural, motion and weldment analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation – verify design including weldments and forces resulting from mechanisms in motion.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM – track revisions, control workflow and changes, find existing design information quickly.
  • SOLIDWORKS Motion - kinematic and motion analysis of your design - create AVIs for presentations.
  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker will help make sure company drawing standards are followed.

Industry Trends

  • Increased pressure to deliver products/projects more quickly to match economic cycles.
  • Reduce/eliminate physical prototypes
  • Improve safety, reliability, accuracy and repeatability
  • Modular designs of components and plants – upgradeable to new technology – many vendors on one project.

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