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Packaging Machinery


As packaging machines become increasingly complex, designers and engineers face unique mechatronic engineering challenges. Design teams must streamline communication between mechanical systems and electrical engineering controls like never before.

SOLIDWORKS integrated product development solutions provide a full range of modeling, simulation, and communication tools that help you optimize motor and actuator selection for price and energy consumption, while improving reliability so your machines require less maintenance.

Critical Business Issues

  • Time constraints on proposal and delivery
  • Profitability
  • Locating a reference job
  • Holes matching and the effect of design changes
  • Visualization
  • Mechanism design failure
  • Design reuse and standardization to cut project times
  • Vendor component availability
  • Controls interface on machine
  • Version control through all phases

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • PDM makes searching previous design projects easy. A previous job is an excellent reference to speed the proposal and help maintain profitable price.
  • Interference Detection finds fit problems unlike 2D drawings.
  • The Design Library make reuse and company standardization simple.
  • Weldments speed the design of machine frames.
  • Sheet metal tools are process specific to speed design.
  • SOLIDWORKS Motion to evaluate kinematic motion to understand reaction forces and set up structural validation.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation to validate structural integrity and reduce material costs due to over-engineering.
  • SOLIDWORKS Routing will interface between the controls engineers and mechanical designers to fit cables, harnesses, and tubes.

Industry Trends

  • Companies are designing more modular machines that can have stations swapped out to set up for different applications.
  • Machines evolving from mechanical drives like CAMs to PLC driven servo motors.
  • RFID tracking systems

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