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Medical Equipment


Successful medical products—from drug delivery systems to diagnostic equipment and surgical devices—advance patient care. Manufacturers of these products must create innovative approaches while working in a stringent regulatory environment.

See how SOLIDWORKS product development solutions help designers in the medical field reduce design cycle time and costs, while still focusing on quality and reliability to increase patient safety and reduce liability.

Critical Business Issues

  • Increase patient safety and reduce liability
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Time to Market
  • Increase Reliability
  • Reduce Costs
  • Global Competition
  • Product Innovation

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM allows the design team to search and optionally reuse existing design documents as well as manage newly created documents and versions. It also helps a company to comply with FDA requirements.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation help engineers to ensure that a device’s behavior will be within design limits, reliable, and avoid thermal or stress-induced failures.
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer and eDrawings allow design concepts to be easily shared with external vendors, suppliers, customers, and other non-CAD users.
  • Surface and solid modeling tools enable designers to easily create ergonomic product designs.
  • Dynamic assembly motion and physical simulation help with ‘digital prototyping’ of moving parts in assemblies.
  • PhotoView 360 photo realistic images and SOLIDWORKS Animator animations are used to quickly and reliably convey design concepts.

Industry Trends

  • Pace of new product introductions is accelerating
  • Device packaging is getting smaller
  • Nanotechnology, MEMS, BioMEMS
  • Growth in at home and self care is driving more ergonomic design
  • Greater range of materials are being investigated in new designs
  • Regulatory requirements are increasing the adoption of design management tools

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