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As mechatronics systems become more complex, the challenges to successfully execute them become more demanding. For example, higher end-user functionality requires more electronic components, which in turn necessitates denser component packaging, and as component density increases, cooling requirements also increase.

SOLIDWORKS Premium design software, integrated with products from SOLIDWORKS Certified Partners, helps you meet the unique challenges of mechatronics design. Using SOLIDWORKS digital modeling, you reduce physical prototypes, improve product quality, and streamline your entire development process.

Critical Business Issues

  • Ensuring profitability while delivering on-time to customers
  • Reducing scrap / increasing yield from manufacturing
  • Designing products with ‘manufacturing in mind’ – avoid costly redesign ECO’s to reduce production costs at a later time
  • Minimizing time and cost to make a product
  • Global Competition

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • SOLIDWORKS Design tools help ensure that the most complex of designs can be developed with the least amount of effort.
  • SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling enables client to represent and interact with large scale assemblies in real time.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools help engineers to ensure that a device’s behavior will be within design limits, reliable, and avoid thermal or stress-induced failures.
  • PDM allows the design team to search and optionally reuse existing design documents as well as manage newly created documents and versions.
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer and eDrawings allow design concepts to be easily shared with external vendors, suppliers, customers, and other non-CAD users.
  • PhotoView 360 photo realistic images and SOLIDWORKS animations capabilities are used to quickly and reliably convey design concepts to clients and help ECS companies to win more business.
  • SOLIDWORKS Weldments, Sheetmetal and Routing assists the design of specialty areas.

Industry Trends

  • Global competition
  • Labor costs, shortened delivery times, CAD/CAM technology
  • China investing heavily in CAD/CAM and NC machines ($19 Billion)
  • Lots of redesign to reduce cost of manufacturing designs
  • Advanced machine tools and powerful CAM software now more affordable and easier to use
  • Low volume production customers expecting “same day” delivery
  • New materials being used by designers require different manufacturing processes (i.e. uni-body sheet metal vs. structural steel)
  • Molds, tools and dies becoming more complex and higher toleranced

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  • SOLIDWORKS VAR Reseller Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota


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