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SOLIDWORKS Engineering Services

With manufacturers turning to engineering services companies to get high quality results in design, verification, and manufacturability, SOLIDWORKS product development solutions help you speed up development and lower costs with a full range of capabilities in a single, intuitive user environment for both mechanical and industrial design.

Powerful 3D modeling enables you to quickly create innovative approaches for even the most customized requirements, and simulation technology fully integrated with design lets you test and evaluate materials, designs, and manufacturing. You achieve better results and add to your expertise.

Critical Business Issues

  • Rapid growth – bucking the economic trends
  • Displaced workers are starting small engineering services companies
  • Manufacturers are outsourcing engineering in lieu of hiring new staff
  • Cost basis shifting from ‘time and materials’ to ‘project’ based
  • High focus on design for manufacturing as a result of off shore manufacturing, and need to reduce cost of manufacturing
  • Specialization along vertical industry lines: consumer products, medical, machine design, etc.
  • Specialization along application functionality lines (especially Simulation)

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • Surface and solid modeling tools enable designers to easily create complex product designs.
  • Integrated Industrial Design enables companies to perform mechanical and industrial design in one environment.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools help engineers to ensure that a device’s behavior will be within design limits, reliable, and avoid thermal or stress-induced failures.
  • PDM allows the design team to search and optionally reuse existing design documents as well as manage newly created documents and versions.
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer and eDrawings allow design concepts to be easily shared with external vendors, suppliers, customers, and other non-CAD users.
  • PhotoView 360 photo realistic images and SOLIDWORKS animation capabilities are used to quickly and reliably convey design concepts to clients and help ECS companies to win more business.

Industry Trends

  • Keen focus on productivity and capacity. In the case of fixed cost projects, time = profit.
  • Developing and maintaining specialized expertise in their given field while off ring a wide range of services. Big focus on Design for Manufacturing to reduce product cost.
  • Collaboration and communication is key – they are constantly in contact with customers and manufacturers over phone, email, web, web conferencing.

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  • SOLIDWORKS VAR Reseller Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota
  • SOLIDWORKS VAR Reseller Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota


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