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solidworks 3d cad training course

Administering SOLIDWORKS

Prerequisites: Experience with the Windows operating system

Description: This course will teach you the skills necessary to successfully install, setup, manage and support SOLIDWORKS CAD software.The intended audience for this course is existing CAD Managers / Administrators or experienced SOLIDWORKS users that will be responsible for managing and administrating a SOLIDWORKS production environment.

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The lessons covered in this course are:

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS Community
Lesson 2: Hardware Recommendations
Lesson 3: Installation Types and Licensing
Lesson 4: SOLIDWORKS Options
Lesson 5: Upgrades
Lesson 6: System Maintenance
Lesson 7: Large Assembly Strategies
Lesson 8: Templates
Lesson 9: Design Library Features
Lesson 10: Favorites and Styles
Lesson 11: Hole Wizard and Toolbox
Lesson 12: SOLIDWORKS Utilities