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Conceptual Design

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

SOLIDWORKS Concept Design

SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers a new design experience focused on enabling our users to create innovative products in a connected and truly collaborative environment. SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Design and SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design solutions help you easily develop, review, and select mechanical and stylized concepts before committing to detailed design and manufacturing.

CAD and non-CAD users alike, including executives, design team leaders, and project managers can share information, participate in the design process, and easily aggregate data from any source to help make design decisions faster, from anywhere, on any device. For design professionals who want to create and collaborate without constraints, SOLIDWORKS solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provide an instinctive, powerful modeling environment focused on the four key elements of conceptual design:

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

CONCEPTUAL - Rapidly create and evolve your concepts the way you want without design barriers, and automatically capture your ideas to use anytime in the future.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

INSTINCTIVE - Design the way you think with agile, instinctive design tools in a structureless modeling environment with direct editing.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

SOCIAL - Use familiar social collaboration tools in an interactive environment to harness the collective intelligence of your company, customers, and vendors.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

CONNECTED - Enhance collaboration with automatically saved design iterations to keep data safe, up-to-date, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Designer (SWCD) provides complementary design tools that augment existing CAD solutions for engineers creating conceptual mechanical designs.

SWCD makes early concept design simple. Its instinctive workflow and user interaction make building virtual prototypes with realistic behaviors quick and easy. Sketch out component shapes, add springs, motors, and gravity, and watch as SWCD validates your ideas in real time on screen. You can prove out your ideas up front with as much detail as you need, using lifelike 3D models, before committing time and cost to detailed design.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) enables you to create multiple 2D and 3D industrial designs concepts, where product aesthetics are being evolved and judged. In this phase, many ideas are captured and developed in response to a design brief or problem statement. These ideas are then reviewed by internal and external stakeholders before investigating further and refining the best designs. 

For industrial design concepts and the modeling of consumer products, SWID offers a perfect 3D concept tool.


SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer
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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer
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Customer Success Story: Weisser - Vertical Lasers, Pistons & Gears



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