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Consumer Products

SOLIDWORKS Consumer Products

Consumers worldwide demand reliable, cutting-edge products that deliver outstanding value. Higher sales, market prestige, and brand loyalty are the rewards for companies that create those products.

SOLIDWORKS provides integrated product development solutions that cover the full range of modeling, simulation, and communication that consumer product designers need to develop better products faster – and at lower cost.

Anticipating needs of ever changing customer requirements – Product Innovation!

Critical Business Issues

  • Off shoring / Globalization
  • Extremely short product life cycles (weeks, in many cases)
  • Time to market
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quality

SOLIDWORKS Functionality Addresses CBIs

  • SOLIDWORKS Design tools provide designers with the ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs and functional designs – in one environment.
  • PDM provides the ability to manage multiple configurations and visualize 3D models in different states.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables the validation of product performance – without having to make physical prototypes.
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer provides the ability to create exceptional documentation directly from the 3D model.
  • CircuitWorks provides the ability to bring electronics information into the mechanical design.
  • Data Import and Healing capabilities enable mechani¬cal designers to work with inaccurate or marginal data that might have originated from industrial design solution.

Industry Trends

  • Mechanical engineers being asked to take on increasing levels of industrial design.
  • Visual appeal and perception of quality are the greatest assets.
  • Object shapes becoming more and more complex.
  • Product development executed on a global scale.

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  • SOLIDWORKS VAR Reseller Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota
  • SOLIDWORKS VAR Reseller Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota


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